Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Storage Solutions

Interior design is the process with which people make the inside of their buildings more pleasant to stay in by adding aesthetic beauty. Vinyl records of great value can be used for these works.


Vinyl records are gaining market value day by day since many people are using them to bring back certain memories or for decorations. This article will explain how to handle, store and safely use vinyl records for decorations.

How to clean vinyl records?

For your records to have a long lifespan, you have to keep them clean. First way is to use a record cleaning brush to wipe dust off. You can also use record cleaning solutions on the records that appear dirtier and cannot be cleaned by a brush. You should use a special clothe alongside the solution. After cleaning the vinyl records put them in their respective jackets and do not touch the inside of the records with bare hand. Then arrange them vertically to avoid damages caused by pressure.

How to store vinyl records safely?

There are many ways of storing your vinyl records depending on whether you need them to add aesthetic beauty or you just need to stash them away safely. Where you need to display them, high-end shelves, racks, wall units and drawers should be in your mind. This furniture adds aesthetic beauty and value to the house and also allows the vinyl records to do the same. Companies like Tylko will be the best companion when deciding to get this furniture since they will manufacture them in your dimensions colour and other preferences.

How to use vinyl record for interior designing as a way of storing them?

You can also prefer to use your vinyl records as items of interior designing. You can frame the valuable records and hang them in the walls of your building. When you frame the records ensure there are placed away from direct sunlight. You can also use wall units that allow you to display the records singly. These wall units are normally of high quality to match with the surroundings and to perfectly showcase the vinyl records. You can find such equipment from trusted companies like Tylko: https://tylko.com/shelves/vinyl_storage/


Vinyl records have many uses. Therefore, storing them safely should be every owner’s priority. One can brilliantly store them and use them for interior design simultaneously.