A Guide to Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Sustainable materials for any interior have more meaning to us than we may very know. They become a part of not only our homes but also our lives. There are many narratives out there about eco-friendly materials, but truth be told they not only give us the power of doing good of the sake of the environment, but they also add untold beauty and elegance to our homes.

Sustainable Materials That Can Be Used in Interior Design


This is a biodegradable textile that can be used in making drapes and furniture. It is produced by condensing, matting and pressing fibers together which makes it a low impact textile.


These are other items from the sea that can be delicate yet beautiful. They can be used as lovely accessories for the walls, lamp shades, centerpieces and even pendant lights. Add these to your interiors to bring a nautical and beach touch to your space.


Due to its endlessly recyclable nature, glass is an endlessly sustainable material that can be used for the interiors of our homes and offices. It is a very versatile item that can be incorporated in any room. It might be tempting to use glass in the kitchen only, but this material can be used on countertops, staircase frames. Recycled glass will add a unique element to your space.


Before, cork was being used for office bulletin boards but gone are those days. These days cork has become such a beloved material to interior designers and homeowners. This is because getting this material has no negative impact to the environment of the tree itself. It comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, and it is among the highest ranked sustainable materials. It can be used on floors, walls or as an insulation material. Using cork for your flooring can help you eliminate the need of using an anti-fatigue mat.

Repurposed Items

One of the easiest ways of being kinder to our planet is by repurposing the items we have at home. This means repainting or reupholstering our favourite items.

Things to consider

  • Consider repurposing some of your old items
  • Consider the materials to used and their source
  • Think about the waste you might create while building or renovating your home.
  • Ensure the whole step is eco-friendly

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